Weekly Latin Mass Announced in Down and Connor

Weekly Latin Mass Announced in Down and Connor


Sermon by Fr Martin Graham.

This week there is no sermon because I want to speak to you about an experiment, a trial that we will be starting in Lent.For the past while the priests who offer the Traditional Mass have been talking about regularising the Mass and so there are going to be some changes coming but I stress this is a trial to see how it goes.

At the moment Mass is offered on two Sundays of the month and then also on a Tuesday evening, here and at St Therese on the Somerton Road.From the First Sunday in Lent, the 5th March, there will a weekly Sunday Mass in the Extraordinary Form at 4pm and all the Masses will take place in St Therese. This means that this will be the final 2.30pm Mass in St Paul’s and also the Mass on Tuesday evenings will end on Tuesday 21st February.

The reason for the change to time and venue is because of a number of factors;It means that there is stability about the time and location. Every Sunday will be exactly the same. It has to be at 4pm because for the three Diocesan Priests saying the Mass we have to take into account our parish commitments such as Baptisms, and also Fr McCaughan and I have Sunday evening Masses.

Having this stability of time will mean that we can plan to have music and therefore have more regular Sung Masses and also High Mass – and there will be High Mass on Easter Sunday. Having the stability of location means that hopefully people will be able to have one central church to come to for Mass and please God our congregation will thrive; we had considered having the Mass here but there is a Mass in the Syro-Malabar Rite here each Sunday afternoon and it was not practical. However, we would hope to be able to come back here from time to time for Mass – and also perhaps be able to spread out to other churches in the Diocese for Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

We have planned the timetable for Masses until the end of September to give us a good run of six months to see how things are going so your input towards the end of the six months would be very useful.St Therese is a bit out of the way so could I ask that those who have cars let us know and those who need a lift also do the same and hopefully everyone will be able to get to the church each Sunday.

So, just to remind you, the first Mass of the new timetable will be offered at 4pm on Sunday 5th March in St Therese on the Somerton Road.

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