Dear Friends of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

In the Gospel of today’s Mass our Lord tells the parable of the king who made a wedding feast for his son. Commenting on this parable St. Gregory the Great wrote that: “God the Father made a marriage feast for God the Son when He gave Him a human nature in the womb of the Virgin, and especially when, through the Incarnation, He united Him to His Holy Church.”

Today is also the anniversary of the Council of Ephesus. On 11th October, 431 AD, this Council solemnly defined the doctrine that the Blessed Virgin Mary is the true Mother of God. This was in response to the heretic Nestorius who had said that the Mary was only the mother of the man, Jesus, but not of the Son of God. The Feast of the Maternity of Mary is commemorated in the second Collect of today’s Mass. 

As you have probably heard, public Masses in the Republic of Ireland are once again forbidden. We should pray that this “penal restriction” does not spread to the North. The Rosary is a powerful weapon our Blessed Mother has given us. Please pray the rosary every day that we may be able to worship God publicly in all Ireland.

Last week I asked you to pray for a special intention for the Institute in Ireland. Please continue to pray for divine aid for this intention, especially this week. Thank you for your generosity. 

Wishing you a blessed week,

Canon Heppelle

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