Dear Friends of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Let us give thanks to God that we can still worship Him publicly in the Sacrifice of the Mass. As you have probably heard, the Government has mandated the wearing of masks on entering and leaving a church building, as well as on going social distancing. Please follow this regulation. It is a condition for keeping the church open. Please also pray that we receive no further restrictions on our right to worship God!

The Introit of today’s Mass reminds us that suffering is a just result of sin. However, if we turn to God with a contrite and humble heart He will deal with us “according to the multitude of His mercies.” Let us then make reparation to Almighty God  by prayer and penance so that we may receive His mercy.  

God sees everything, but the priest needs help. We will soon be installing a cctv camera system in the Church of the Immaculate Heart to help with security during the church opening hours. To contribute to this project please write “cctv” on your donation.

I am in Limerick, helping at the Sacred Heart Church while I await the necessary paperwork for my UK visa. Please keep in your prayers the good Christians of the “free State” who are not free to attend Mass at this time.

Next Sunday is the feast of Christ the King, the chief patronal feast of the Institute. While any social celebration, unfortunately, is inhibited by the current restrictions, please pray to God we will still be able to publicly celebrate Mass that day. Next week we will also take up a second collection after Mass to benefit the Institute’s seminary in Gricigliano, Italy.

Wishing you a blessed week,

Canon Heppelle

NB: As the 18 October is also the feast of Saint Luke, he is commemorated in the 2nd Collect of the Mass this Sunday. A disciple of St. Paul, St Luke wrote the third and longest Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. He was also a physician, and according to tradition, a painter.

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